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Registration Help - View My Loan


Our Registration/Login page provides you with a point of entry to access your View My Loan (VML) account information. Each borrower that wishes to use VML must first register as outlined in steps below. A Borrower and Co-Borrower on the same loan may register separately, if desired, however a different User Name will be required. The entire registration process is quick and will require access to your email account.

Note: VML registration is available to borrowers approximately two weeks after loan funding.

Step 1: New User Registration

Enter the following required data in the New User box:

Borrower's Last Name:

This is last name for the borrower registering as it is shown on record with the Office of Loan Programs

Last 4 Digits of SSN:

Last 4 digits of SSN for the borrower registering

Campus Name:

The campus for the primary borrower at time of loan funding

Click "continue" for the system to validate the information entered. If the validation is successful, proceed to Step 2 below - Create your User Name

If the 3 data fields entered do not match a record in our database, the validation will not be successful and the following message will appear:


This user information cannot be located in the database.
Data is available approximately two weeks after loan funding.

If two weeks have passed since your loan funded, please check accuracy of data entered and if error continues, contact a Loan Servicing Representative at 510-987-9013

Step 2: Create Your User Name

Once your registration is validated, you will need to create your User Name by completing the following information:

User Name:

Can only contain 6-12 alpha and/or numeric characters. If that User Name already exist, the following message will appear:


That User Name is already in use. Please select another one.

Email Address:

Email address that you want on file for VML information (you will be able to change your email address later through the Edit My Profile link once you are a registered user)

Re-enter Email Address:

Re-enter email address above

After clicking "continue," a message will advise you that your User Name has been sent to your email. You will need to check your email to continue the login process and Request a Password.

Forgot User Name

Step 3: Request Password

3a. Temporary Password (at initial login only):
Once User Name is confirmed, you are directed to a "Request Password" screen. Click "continue" and a message will advise you that your Password information has been sent – check your email to continue. The email will state it is a "temporary password" and you must establish your personal password for future logins – Step 3b below.

3b. Personal Password:
After your initial login to the VML website with your temporary password, a "Change Password" screen will appear asking for the following information:

Current Password:

Your "temporary password" that was emailed to you

New Password:

Select your personal password to be used for future logins.

New Password Again:

Re-enter your personal password

You will receive an email confirming your Password Request Change. You may also change your password again at any time through the Edit My Profile link.

Forgot Password

If you have additional questions about the registration process, contact a Loan Servicing Representative at (510) 987-9013