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Glossary - View My Loan

To assist you in the definition of the terms used in our Account Summary page, please refer to our glossary below.

Borrower: Primary borrower on the loan.

Co-Borrower: The individual (if any) on title with the Borrower.

Current Interest Rate: Interest rate currently in effect on the loan. For adjustable rate loans, this is subject to change annually.

Current Monthly Payment: Current principal and interest monthly payment amount due on the loan.

Funding Date: Date the University of California funded the loan.

Interest Paid Year-to-Date: Amount of interest paid on this loan in the current calendar year.

Interest Reported to IRS in xxxx: Amount of interest reported to the Internal Revenue Service for the prior calendar year.

Interest Paid to Date: Date interest was last applied to your account. For example, if you made your 7/1/05 payment, since interest is paid in arrears, then your Interest paid to date would be 7/1/05. If your loan paid off, this date would be the payoff transaction date.

Last Updated: This is date that account activity was last updated for reporting on the View My Loan website. Any payments made after this date, will not be reflected in the account summary until next update is made.

Loan Status: Indication of whether the loan is active or paid off.

Next Payment Change Date: Date monthly payment is subject to change due to rate adjustment, if applicable.

Next Payment Due Date: Date next payment is due on the loan.

Original Interest Rate: Interest rate in effect at the time of loan funding as shown on the Promissory Note.

Original Principal Balance: Original loan amount as shown on the Promissory Note.

Outstanding Principal Balance: Remaining, unpaid principal balance of the loan. This is not a payoff amount.